Thursday, September 30, 2010

Donald Judd

A beautiful read

Lost and Foundry...

Some really do like it hot!  The folks at A&B foundry are true craftsman.  They can produce any thing I can draw up--like these handles they made for us. And, just in case you've never seen the inside of a foundry....
These, may seem small, but they roar like a train.

Our handles being sand cast.

One in original yellow brass

And, onto the finished product--fresh from the workroom.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

They look like ladies who would lunch.....

Becky, Marcelena (Marci), and Rosie
Custom made gift for famous ex-President

Hand stitched card holders

Inspired by the need to NOT lose a passport while on a trip to Europe

Oh, yeah--did I mention they do hand carving as well

I am so glad that great craftsmanship is alive and well--stopped in to visit my good friend Marcelena Recatune, owner of Larru Leathers, and had the pleasure of making 2 new friends--Becky Spicer and Rosie Delbosque.  Marci is a master with anything leather, and is the go-to person in Dallas for high quality leather tooling.  Her and her team can do just about anything custom that includes leather--Check out her work at  Becky Spicer is a custom upholsterer and pattern maker.  She, too, works with some of the biggest names in the Dallas design world--her site is  Rosie Delbosque is also a master pattern maker and clothing designer.  She and Marci have collaborated on a line of custom handbags, ties, etc.....And, as for the meaning of the title of this post--I just happened to catch them on their way to, I'm sure, a great Mexican food place...since we do have some of the best in Dallas.

Marfa, TX...

Fall always reminds me of one chilly trip to Marfa, Texas.  After a short flight from Dallas to Midland, and then a 3 hour drive thru beautiful West Texas, we cruised into Marfa......very unexpected, definitely amazing.  

Gave a ride to the person that owned the truck from the movie No Country for Old Men.

I could not get enough of the Food Shark!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Purveyors of everything Amazing!

...stopped in to say hello to my friends at Grange Hall today.  Jeffrey Lee and Rajan Patel (the owners), along with manager extraordinaire, Morgan, have created an atmosphere that can only be described as amazing--and, definitely not the norm.  The soft light, the smells of Cire Trudon candles wafting thru the air, and the rich dark color on the walls all add up to sheer bliss.  Dallas is blessed to have such a sophisticated blend of items in one place.  Jewelry that could stand alone as art by Gabriella Kiss and Natalia Brilli--one-of-a-kind art work by David Simcik.  I was blown away by the use of wax by the in-house design team--wood, coral, antlers, all covered in wax--simply beautiful.  Artful furniture pieces nest nicely among branches covered with crystals grown directly onto the branches.  And, I must not forget succulents....they have them all.  A must see at 4445 Travis Street, Dallas.  Here are a few more pics for your enjoyment...
(these tables by yours truly)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 works

Here are some great new works in progress from the studio of a favorite local artist, Sonya Edwards.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

America loves denim

I love jeans, and I have always worn my jeans many times between washings.  Simply because, I like the wear and tear finish, and they fit better after about a month or so of wear.  My wife thinks I am gross and crazy.  Well, one day I came across the DenimDebate blog, and I have discovered a whole new world about denim.  The creators of the blog are following the progress of different brands and how they wear after months of use.  I love this blog, and am following it with great pleasure.  It has also opened my eyes to alot of great brands, such as Imogene & Willie and Baldwin Denim (made in USA), and new collaborations between J.Crew, Billy Reid and Levis....There is too much great stuff to mention about this site.....just check it out.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hometown bound...

I really love the explosion of creative people going to small towns, whether for the first time, or returning home, to open businesses.  We are so glad to be helping with the design of a new restaurant opening in Athens, TX.--great chef re-locating to his home town after working in Austin, TX.  I'll post more from the inside as it progresses.  

...a favorite artist.

Sonya Edwards painted this landscape for one of our clients.  She is an amazing artist and a good friend.  You can often catch her at Lost Antiques in Dallas, where she sometimes exhibits her work.  Or, catch her on her

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


...note the 17th century antler chair purchased for a client.  The chair is actually comfortable!