Thursday, September 16, 2010

America loves denim

I love jeans, and I have always worn my jeans many times between washings.  Simply because, I like the wear and tear finish, and they fit better after about a month or so of wear.  My wife thinks I am gross and crazy.  Well, one day I came across the DenimDebate blog, and I have discovered a whole new world about denim.  The creators of the blog are following the progress of different brands and how they wear after months of use.  I love this blog, and am following it with great pleasure.  It has also opened my eyes to alot of great brands, such as Imogene & Willie and Baldwin Denim (made in USA), and new collaborations between J.Crew, Billy Reid and Levis....There is too much great stuff to mention about this site.....just check it out.

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