Thursday, September 23, 2010

Purveyors of everything Amazing!

...stopped in to say hello to my friends at Grange Hall today.  Jeffrey Lee and Rajan Patel (the owners), along with manager extraordinaire, Morgan, have created an atmosphere that can only be described as amazing--and, definitely not the norm.  The soft light, the smells of Cire Trudon candles wafting thru the air, and the rich dark color on the walls all add up to sheer bliss.  Dallas is blessed to have such a sophisticated blend of items in one place.  Jewelry that could stand alone as art by Gabriella Kiss and Natalia Brilli--one-of-a-kind art work by David Simcik.  I was blown away by the use of wax by the in-house design team--wood, coral, antlers, all covered in wax--simply beautiful.  Artful furniture pieces nest nicely among branches covered with crystals grown directly onto the branches.  And, I must not forget succulents....they have them all.  A must see at 4445 Travis Street, Dallas.  Here are a few more pics for your enjoyment...
(these tables by yours truly)

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