Wednesday, September 29, 2010

They look like ladies who would lunch.....

Becky, Marcelena (Marci), and Rosie
Custom made gift for famous ex-President

Hand stitched card holders

Inspired by the need to NOT lose a passport while on a trip to Europe

Oh, yeah--did I mention they do hand carving as well

I am so glad that great craftsmanship is alive and well--stopped in to visit my good friend Marcelena Recatune, owner of Larru Leathers, and had the pleasure of making 2 new friends--Becky Spicer and Rosie Delbosque.  Marci is a master with anything leather, and is the go-to person in Dallas for high quality leather tooling.  Her and her team can do just about anything custom that includes leather--Check out her work at  Becky Spicer is a custom upholsterer and pattern maker.  She, too, works with some of the biggest names in the Dallas design world--her site is  Rosie Delbosque is also a master pattern maker and clothing designer.  She and Marci have collaborated on a line of custom handbags, ties, etc.....And, as for the meaning of the title of this post--I just happened to catch them on their way to, I'm sure, a great Mexican food place...since we do have some of the best in Dallas.


  1. Thanks for the props!
    To clarify, I slipcover, but do not upholster...
    REALLY enjoyed meeting you,

  2. You're welcome Becky...sorry for the mix up on wording--we even discussed doing a leather slipcover, didn't we....