Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Felt right!

Test driving my new felted wool coasters...my Noguchi is saved......

Fiddlin' Around

Spent a fantastic and relaxing weekend in East Texas (Athens to be exact).  Among some of the Memorial Day happenings was the 80th Annual Fiddler's Reunion that is held each year on the Courthouse lawn.  There is a contest among those who fiddle and live bands.  It was a really fantastic thing to watch and enjoy. And, it's always nice to be on an old town square surrounded by nice folks just enjoying themselves.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nature Inspired

A nature inspired scheme for a client's master bedroom--muted colors and natural materials:  sisal rugs, linen wrapped armoire (with our custom sand-cast brass handles), leather--what's not to love.  

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lost Arts & Spare Time

Ever since I was taught by a very dear friend to crochet, I was fascinated by the art of it, and it's place in history as a craft.  Before knowing the skill, I thought it was impossible--all of those knots--how is it possible.  Well, after a couple of years of practice (and, I still need lots of practice) I am dedicated to passing on the art of crochet to friends and family and learning more myself--even more so after the recent passing of my dear friend.  I started creating these pillows in my spare time in memory of my friend and have found it to be very gratifying.  

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lofty Goals

What to do with a 30 foot long wall to add visual interest and connect the entry to the dining area--with a small budget.  Grab some steel cable, thin set, and plaster--and go for it.  

...we sketched the pattern on the wall and adhered the steel cable onto the pattern.  Then, we applied sanded thin set onto the wall, trying to cover the steel cables--only allowing the surface of the cable to be revealed thru the thin set.  Then, we applied plaster on top to give a smooth texture to the wall--wash it all with a paint wash and you're done.  The pattern was inspired by the dining chairs and the chandelier that came with the loft--lacquered white and re-used.  
The opposite wall was covered in un-treated cedar planks to, again, play up the long expanse of the entry and to draw the eye thru the long space.  It smelled great and added a much needed softness to the lofty space.
...coffee bar.....