Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Before & After

I came accross some "BEFORE" shots of a project we did--and, even though we did not get to do everything we wanted to do to the project because of budget restraints, it was an amazing transformation......

...mirrored planter box in entry way with water damage--ominous "pink" travertine 30' tall fireplace--white and pink everywhere...

Client wanted to create a separation between the entry and the living area and dining room.


We removed the mirrored planter box and created a walnut "box" to act as a base for the Cascade Coil custom screen that is 25 Feet tall create a visual block from the living area without blocking the beautiful view of the creek that ran behind the house.

Removing the "pink" travertine was not in the budget, so we chose to draw attention away from the tile color with bold walnut shelves and the addition of a custom stainless steel fireplace surround.


  1. love those shelves. monumental in scale...the thick shelves are really sculptural... awesome.

  2. Thanks YHBHS. We had to make a huge impact with the shelving to take attention away from the travertine color, and keep it in "scale" with the sheer height of the fireplace, which was 30' tall. We constructed them out of walnut and stained them with a dark stain.......
    It was a fun project....

  3. well i would say you did it. love using dark stains on wood. also really love that table how wild it looks, compared with the two seating sofas. totally into it.