Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Push the Cable Knits"

"Push the cable knits".  A great line from a "great" SNL skit oh so many years ago with Adam Sandler, David Spade, and the late, great Chris Farley. (they were dressed like Gap sales girls, and the manager comes out and says......"push the cable knits").  So, here we have a hand-knitted sisal chandelier.  

I was amazed while knitting this thing at how soft the sisal "fabric" became.

Getting a haircut!!


  1. This is amazing! Did you knit this yourself? I have to make this a personal project for when I get my needles back.

  2. Hi Donna-
    I did knit this myself. Since I taught myself to knit a year ago, I have been obsessed with it. (I learned after a friend taught me how to crochet) I am also obsessed with creating common objects (lamps shades) with uncommon materials (sisal). Thanks for checking in.