Thursday, April 28, 2011

Design Musings: When I get around to it.

I always have a hard time finding good looking desk props that are clean, simple, and functional.  I always run into the problem of only having the "what's in right now" option--well, I don't always want to use orange croc printed leather for a client--So, I have created my own.  Problem solved.  Oak or walnut footings with parchment or goatskin uppers.  Perfection. 

One cup for pencils, one tray for all the paperwork most of us never get to, and an ink blotter--you know for doodling and such.  
 An addition to our armoire series coming soon to Duhon and Richardson, Plaster "antler" handles that will age and wear with time--the base will have an option of being leather wrapped or have a linen box-pleat skirt.  

Men's Dresser

If it were up to me--I would have an entire house of dressers and armoires.  Who says you have to have everything built-in?  You pay all of this money to builders for labor and supplies to create closets and cabinetry, and you can't take them with you.  WHO MADE UP THESE RULES?  


  1. wow... this is stunning! i would love that!

    Thanks for posting on my blog about marfa! I love that place!! I stayed there the first time I went and have been renting homes there since then so I can cook and entertain... it really is an amazing place! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Glad you like it. I like your idea of renting while in Marfa. The owners of Galleri Urbane now have a gallery here in Dallas, and they rent their house out while they are in Dallas....It's really a great place--check it out for your next trip.