Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do we know how lucky we are?

Mark di Suvero
I was rushing through the mall the other day (Northpark Center, Dallas) to pick up a gift for my wife--all the while "wizzing" by incredible works of art.  So, I asked myself, "do we know how lucky we are?"--to have works by the likes of Claes Oldenburg, Joel Shapiro, Andy Warhol, and Jim Dine as permanent installations in our local mall.  Today, I stopped to smell the roses.

Claes Oldenburg, Corridor Pin, Blue

Joel Shapiro, 20 Elements

Antony Gormley, Three Places

detail, Three Places

Jim Dine, The Field of the Cloth of Gold

Jonathan Borofsky, Five Hammering Men


  1. Robert,

    i always feel the sameway when walking thru N.P. Mall in Dallas. i've tried to get my wife and kids to realize how rare this is for any public place. its also a great place to people watch.

    Really enjoy reading your blog. keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks "gm". I am always on the hunt for interesting stuff to spout off about. Peace. Robert